So, how do you know it is God's will, Devine intervention, a Good Orderly Direction or that of a dark nature?

  #1. It will be bigger than you.
  #2. It will be biblical.
  #3. It will build others as well as yourself.
  #4. It will be confirmed.

    In mid-September 2010 a friend informed me of the planets latest cleansing cycle and, in fact, unbeknownst to me it had been completed.

How did we get here, not knowing the simple truths of life, love and whatever comes next?

Questions remain... are we all ready and prepared for an extraordinary, monumental time in our History and are we able to acknowledge that all our old and prior spaces were indeed ready for the new.

My friend continues to say, "There will be change and challenges beyond our belief.  Every one of us will land where we now fit the best... based on which dimensional or vibratory "rung" or in whatever space that now matched who and what we had become through receiving the light.

My friend continued to say, "... there are some souls, however, who didn’t take advantage of the cleansing energies that were bombarding the planet, and others chose to retain their same ways of being."

This is why I share with you today!

In this time of cleansing, there was a very powerful-magnetic-negative-draw on those souls, which caused heavy suffering, choosing to receive their own dose of denser-darker-energy, some from which came a false sense of light, forcing many to close all doors of encouragement. For these souls it would take great courage to find their way back to the true source of the light.

(Their light needed to completely shut off while these cleansings occurred.)

And, in this, much darkness could be felt during the summer months of 2010. Much of everything holding a denser energy needed to change before it could return once again to the source.

Like a childhood game of musical chairs, when the cleansing was complete, and a new palette was finally ready for great movement. As though, the core of our grounding was intact, when indeed it needed to move around and adjust itself in order to stop. And, when it stopped, new and different connections were made and we were able to find new and different people, places and things that were in sync and in alignment with who we had become, or for some, what we could now return to...

This is a monumental time on the planet.

Many attempts were made in recent times to achieve these results according to calculations from above, and many times these calculations proved to express themselves differently than expected.

In this way, there had to be as little density and darkness left on the planet as possible.

So, then, the light would finally gain a foothold and be able to keep itself steady on a course of positive motion.

Futher comment, "We are in the Now like never before and it is time for more than childish reactions that would be better off as mature responses which are more suitable for our time".

During the time of "musical chairs" movement, where much moved around trying to find a new and different space, a "pin" was placed in the current reality in order to hold it steady and calm while the peripheral movements were taking place.

As soon as these new connections and new spaces are occupied, a new grid will be created and at that point, the pin will be removed and many of the old structures on the planet (or old grid, or rather what held things together in times past) will fall.

This massive falling of the old will promote a more local mentality and we will be greatly encouraged to connect face to face in the physical action.

People who need people, Barbara Striesand

To those of you who find yourself on this page, I wish you many blessings and share in your great new- found excitement and Joy, as you start on this very new journey and path to happiness.

Much Love, my brothers and sisters,

Marc A.

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