To be or not to be?  I am... in the now! For what am I, other- than, a type of star dust in this vast universe. A mere man of this "ap-parent"  planet we call earth! Now, the study of Atoms from a dense star would say differently! There have been experiments like no other, which cannot be reproduced, as of yet. So, what are the chances of earths success with receiving the right- light and under the right- curcumstances to sustain life? And, by who, what, where, why and, especially, when are those chances-more-likely than not?
I believe, we're almost there with not only closer to the understanding of scientific life but to that of the of the big-bang theory and spirituality.
What are we going to do in this very uncertain time? Well, I tell you, this is what I'm going to do... until, such a time, we figure out the bigger picture. I'm going to reconstruct my belief system(s) based on new knowledge.
The question remains... how do I tap back into a source, in which, I come from and get to a point where I can be receiving the light again? And, now that we are all here on earth how can we be sure that we are receiveing the right- light- in the right time, which is NOW?
I'm talking about the kind of light that can change and individuals life for ever.
Firstly: What am I... but a nuetron? A giant dense star waiting to be reborn into the light? A Pulsar 100,000,000 tons in weight.
30 times A magnitar created by a super nova, which collapses the light. Sometimes leaving behind a black hole- nothingness AND sometimes giving the right- light for life! Our scientists and astrologers are talking about a hyper nova, which creates a very haunting-pounding sound like an indian drum or the heart beat of a robot coming from the universe. It's called WR104. And did you know that Gama Ray Radiation Bursts are the brightest thing in the universe! And, can be seen from anywhere! Did you know, we're already receiving-the-light "literally" on a daily basis. The Donut Theory!
So, then, why isn't life easier? To put things into perspective, we come from the light, we receive the light and, transmit the light where ever we go! Sometimes the lamp has been blown out or never, even, lit, in the Hearts and Minds of so many, which makes things a bit more difficult but not impossible! We are moving to slow are we waisting time on the mondain'! The universe is expanding and contracting like a heart beat! Is this not the rigth- time to share the right-light with all...human kind? Now, some situations may differ than others but, when you don't have the basic life skills and knowledge, which many call "the "big" secret", how is it that some- one can be so selfish by hidding such a precious gift. Those who keep it for them selves and/or by putting writings, into such complex readings, one should be condemned. It is of no use to most because they have been chosen by others not to be worthy.

In the begining, there was the right- light and, we need to receive it ... on a daily basis in one way or another. Know this!  By repeating it on a daily basis. I am... part of the source of light from which all things were made. By Receiving the light and then become the light, through attraction and not promotion, you will share the light freely.
Secondly: So, how do I know if I'm receiving the right- light?
It is different for many and for some this will be a new beginging. For others this may spark- something in-your-spririt, which will enable you to share what you already know! Or even rekindle you own desires again. Slow down, look around and know your life!
We all can receive the light. At the same time, be reminded that you may be a pulsar waiting to be born into the light for the first time. And, what is a Pulsar's weight??? 100,000,000 tons!
Thirdly: So, what am I going to do with all this new knowledge? Isn't this stuff supposed to truely be beyond our comprihension?
Are we not to understand, we come from light and we are the light-itself? Never forget that you are or can be a constant receiver and a constant transmitor and this magical, profound energy that is the spirit! It's reminding you of the begining! The way things where meant to- be...when the mind, body and spirit (re)connects itself you will be rocketed into another dimension.
As, I am this realization with and of my mind-body & spirit, I've realized that I am... the Lamp of God! The God of the universe, the light, the power and the love. And, so shall it be for you with all of his greatness that lives within. I can only truely feel this when I'm in the will of God and not that of my own dark nature. God want's you in the NOW! Be responsible and have some fun... but always worship his temple which is you. And you will receive his greatness in abundance.

(accumilative knowledge by Marc A Donut                 06/02/11
Have you ever pondered the future? Have you pondered the answers to the most important questions? Who am I? What am I? Who do I want to be? What will truly make me happy!  :)

                                        New Believers Bible Appendix

03/27/11 PAGE   Receiving the Light, Being the Light, Sharing the Light

Real optimism is aware of problems but recognizes the solutions, knows about difficulties but believes they can be overcome, sees the negatives but accentuates the positives, is exposed to the worst but expects the best, has reason to complain but chooses to smile.

01/29/11William Arthur Ward
...the magic moment is that in which a 'yes' or a 'no' may change the whole of our existence...

(paulo ceolho)

What do you believe in... Hope, Faith, Love, Passion?


Still achieving, still pursuing. Learn to labour and to wait.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:

      A Psalm Of Life, st. 9

02/22/11 is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.


Other- past daily messages below:


I've opened my eyes today, lost- I thought from memories of moon shine... so bright, to light my path, to change the world one day at a time. However, for today, I will shake the hand of a stanger and just say good morning.

inspired by Johnny Ried Singer, Performer with a great message.

Be yourself. There is something that you can do better than any other. Listen to the inward voice and bravely obey that.

(unknown author)

be glad of life, because it gives the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars; to be satisfied with your possessions; to despise nothing in the world except cowardice; to be governed by your admirations rather than your disgusts; to covet nothing that is your neighbor's excepet his kindness of heart and gentleness of manners; to think seldom of your enimies, often of your friends...and to spend as much time as you can, with body and with spirit. these are little guideposts on the footpath to peace.

(henry van dyke)

Chakra's & Nutreinos transforms the Super Nova 1987A.
Double stars type 1A's. to come... Think with your Heart of Gratitude! Sense you True Heart Beat.

  #1. Who am I?
  #2. What do I want?
  #3. What's my purpose?
  #4. What will make me happy?
It's never to late... for NOW!
It's never to late... for NOW!
It's never to late... for NOW!
It's never to late... for NOW!
It's never to late... for NOW!
It's never to late... for NOW!
It's never to late... for NOW!
Biggest Problem With The Rapture!
06/02/11 NOW THAT THE...
END OF THE WORLD SCARE! ASTROID collision near miss. So, what's next?
An- awakening, into a new day...torward the right- light? There's no time like the present!
Stephen Hawking says, there is no after life or heaven.

Some say, Catholicism has to much guilt built right in...
* Is it all truly based on Faith?
* Have we been dupped?
* That's a question many of us have had since childhood...
* What are we going to do with this new found knowledge?
* Does it strengthen "our" Faith?
An ASTEROID 2009BD passed closer than the moon missing the planet around 7:PM Dinner time June 2nd, 2011. Even if, it would have hit there wouldn’t have been much damage. 

June 3, 2011
Buddhism may be A choice!
Is Plastic Right..?
How do you know if it's the "right- light..."  and not that of   some designer drug?

That's an Easy One!
Calendar for July 2011
This year, July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays.
This happens once every 823 years.
Based on Chinese Feng Shui.
The one who does not move forward.....will be without success
AND plenty.  
This year we're going to experience four unusual dates.
1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, 11/11/11 and that's not all...
Take the last two digits of the year in which you were born
now add the age you will be this year,

The results will be 111 for everyone in whole world.

Sometimes everyone can win, not loose! Get into the right-light.

Think with your Heart of Gratitude! Sense you True Heart Beat.

  #1. Who am I?
  #2. What do I want?
  #3. What's my purpose?
  #4. What will make me happy?
Think with your Heart of Gratitude!
Sense your True Heart Beat

  #1. Who am I?
  #2. What do I want?
  #3. What's my purpose?
  #4. What will make me happy?
According to; Mathew, Mark, Luke, John,
Gospels: Peter, Thomas, Mary Magdalene- Judus...
The time is... NOW!
  #1. Who am I?
  #2. What do I want?
  #3. What's my purpose?
  #4. What will make me happy?
Update 08/10/2011
Un-conditional starts within, instead of looking to the Heavens...we should be looking inside of  our own Heart's and believe that, it all starts as the old Adage states, " it's not!,,,what's on the outside but that of what's inside which really counts!"
Unconditional Love...
Unconditional Love...
It Lives Within...'
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